Jenna: Funny, we did'nt know a single thing about each other back then.
Matty: What I want is to tell you to choose me over him.But I’m not gonna do that. Because the one thing that I want more than that, is for you to choose yourself. Not me, Not him, You. Don’t throw away all the great things you got goin’ on your life just to be with Luke. You may think that it’s right for you but I know that it isn’t. Neither of us has any clue what’s gonna happen. But what I know is that part of me will always be yours. 
And at that moment i realized that is was true. Matty Mackibben may not have known a single thing about me last time we were here. But by now, he knew me better than anyone. Sometimes he dissapointed me but the truth was, i had underestimated him. He had grown and thaught me something really important about myself. And i loved him for it. More then i ever thought was possible.
Denise Demonstration